Welcome to my blog! This is the mind-dump repository for John W. Henderson. I'm an engineer working in product development, and currently reside in St. Paul, MN, with my wife and two kiddos.

I've gone by jwhendy (sometimes just hendy) for some time; you'll see me on the Arch Linux forums, various flavors of StackExcange, and LessWrong, to name a few.


I'm one of those curious sorts. My interests range from computer programming and Linux, to data analysis and visualization, to woodworking and crafty sorts of things. I also like to write about life: the art of rationality, making decisions, virtue, marriage and family life, quantifying self, and general self-improvement.

Posts you might expect to see here will be heavy on:

  • Org-mode, a note-taking/todo/scheduling/code-writing/document generation mode for the Emacs text editor. I use this heavily at work and home and would say that it's the most revolutionary piece of software I've ever discovered!
  • R, a statistical programming language that is, simply put, amazing
  • LaTeX, a document typesetting utility
  • Linux, particularly Arch Linux, the distribution I have been happily using for about two years now (having evolved from Ubuntu -> Zenwalk -> SalixOS (briefly) -> Arch).
  • Data visualization (things like you find at FlowingData)

My hope is that the blog is at least interesting, and, more ideally, helpful.

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